School Orchestra Consultancy

The TENG Company believes in the importance and prevalence of Chinese ensembles and Orchestras in Singapore, especially in schools, and thus offers consultancy and services by highly experienced conductors and musicians for the organisation and construction of Chinese ensembles and orchestras, especially in schools.

The TENG Company's in-house conductor/musician, Yang Ji Wei, has had vast experience coaching and conducting Chinese Orchestras and contemporary music, and has coached schools like Elias Park Primary (2013-Present), Raffles Institution (2010-Present), Catholic High School (Primary) (2011-Present), Jurong Primary School (2010), ACS (Barker Road) (2005) and Nanhua's Guzheng ensemble (2009) to Gold award status at Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) competitions.

In terms of scholastic education, Yang Ji Wei is resourceful and understands the rules and regulations in SYF competitions and has had extensive experience in classroom management and instruction for children. He is also able to use and keep abreast of advanced teaching methods, including the use of ICT, to support and enhance pupils' learning and appreciation of music.


As the Head of Faculty for Chinese Music at Singapore Raffles Music College and the music director/conductor for the Chinese orchestras of Raffles Institution, Catholic High School (Primary) and Elias Park Primary, Yang Ji Wei is equipped to train students in fundamental skills and to offer exposure to traditional Chinese music and other forms of music. With this, he is able to prepare Chinese orchestra members for school/public performances.

With his wide network in the industry, Yang Ji Wei is also able to provide competent instructors for various sections of the Chinese orchestra to help nurture students in Chinese ethnic music and its appreciation. Additionally, he is also able to train students in stage presence and performance etiquette. This will in turn generate opportunities in participating in overseas festivals/competitions/exchange programmes.

Further equipped with skills in administration and management, Yang Ji Wei is able to participate in the management of Chinese orchestras and work closely with school administrators. With his expertise in the field, he is also able to select repertoire for the orchestra and propose a detailed overall training programme. The TENG Company, of which he is Executive Director, can also provide arrangements of scores for performances by its in-house composer/arranger, Lim Yi Benjamin.

Furthermore, The TENG Company is able to provide advice and assistance to the organisation in the following areas:

  • Acquisition of quality instruments
  • Maintenance of instruments
  • Repair of instruments
  • Recruitment of Chinese Orchestra members
  • Administration of internal structure of Chinese Orchestra

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