Chinese Music Instrumental Grading Examinations – Now Open for Registration

news 8 Jul 2019

Registrations for the Chinese Music Instrumental Grading Examinations will commence on 8 July 2019.

Singapore, 8 July 2019 - In partnership with the Confucius Institute-Nanyang Technological University (CI-NTU), The TENG Academy (TENG) is proud to announce that the 2019 Chinese Music Instrumental Grading Examinations are open for registration.

Madam Caroline Teng, 38, who has been enrolling her two young boys in the examinations every year since its launch in 2017 notes, “The CI-NTU & TENG Examinations have been providing [them] a goal to work towards, and it has deepened their appreciation for Chinese instrumental music. By reinforcing their musical foundations, the examinations have boosted their overall confidence as budding musicians.” Being an avid supporter of The TENG Ensemble at their public performances, Madam Teng also remarks, “My boys are very privileged to be graded by the renowned Examinations’ accomplished personnel, as they grow in their Chinese musical journeys.”

Well into its third edition, the accreditation exercise brings together the industry and musical expertise of the highly-acclaimed group, TENG, and the academic and cultural excellence of CI-NTU. The joint efforts of the two organisations seek to promote Chinese culture in Singapore through Chinese music as a cultural form. The examinations provide professional accreditation that is recognized by educational institutions and professional music organizations in Singapore. This has been made possible by the personnel of examiners and syllabus creators who are renowned musician-educators from Singapore and China, all of whom share TENG’s vision to nurture and empower the next generation of Chinese music practitioners.

Slated to be a learning milestone for many budding musicians in Singapore, CI-NTU and TENG’s examination system includes a comprehensive list of instruments that play pivotal roles in a typical Chinese Orchestra: Guzheng, Erhu, Dizi, Yangqin, Pipa, Ruan, Liuqin, Gaoyin Sheng, Zhongyin Sheng, Gaoyin Suona, Zhongyin Suona, Hulusi, Guanzi, Cello, Double Bass and Percussion. The diversity of the 16 instruments included in the examinations aim to cater to candidates who receive their musical training from Chinese Orchestras and Ensembles in local schools with a wide range of instrumentation. The examinations also provide grade-by-grade benchmarks of a candidate’s musical abilities, inspiring them to work towards the highest level of musical mastery – the Certificate in Professional Performance.

Registrations for the examination will commence on 8 July 2019 and closes on 4 October 2019 and will be held at CI-NTU’s facilities at NTU’s Alumni House in Buona Vista. Candidates can enjoy early-bird fees until 13 September 2019. For more information on the grading syllabus and the purchase of examination books, visit:

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