Music and Mental Health Come Together at CAL-TENG Charity Concert 2019 – Mind the Music!

news 22 Mar 2019

The first ever joint fundraising event by Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL) and The TENG Ensemble Ltd aims to further the work of both charities in a fun and groundbreaking new way.

Through an evening of music by The TENG Ensemble and other guest performances at the Victoria Theatre on 22 March 2019, the Mind the Music! concert will tie awareness of mental health together with appreciation for Chinese culture and heritage.

CAL is a professional non-profit organisation in Singapore serving the needs of families and caregivers of persons with mental health issues, and The TENG Ensemble Ltd is an arts company focused on the development of a Singaporean musical identity through community outreach and education.
The concert will showcase The TENG Ensemble’s musical creativity while highlighting CAL’s support and training to caregivers. Its lineup of live performances will be intertwined with a video portrait of the caregiver community by artist Alecia Neo, and a short sharing by one of CAL’s beneficiaries.

The evening will also feature four original works by The TENG Ensemble, dubbed “酸甜苦辣”, or The Four Flavours of Life Suite, covering a range of styles that marries the traditional style of Chinese instruments with contemporary music.

The Four Flavours of Life Suite describes the ebbs and flows of life, and reflects the many challenges faced by those suffering from mental disorders. The suite is broken up into four distinct movements. The tone of each movement is characterised by one of the four traditional flavours of taste and inspired by a different mental health issue: dementia, bipolar disorder, depression and schizophrenia respectively.

This theme is especially timely with mental health the focus of President's Challenge 2019, and with the announcement of more government support for caregivers by Senior Minister of State for Health Edwin Tong on 13 February 2019 in Parliament. The concert will spread the word of the need to support caregivers and advocate against mental health stigma through the powerful conduit of music.