Jacelyn Soh

Zen Drum

Jacelyn gained widespread recognition in the region - through being the first and only female ZenDrummer in Singapore. Her YouTube videos have received widespread acclaim, with total views amounting to an excess of half a million.

Before gaining recognition as a Zen Drummer, Jacelyn honed her techniques as a drummer for a rock band. “rhythm is the backbone of any music, it drives the energy and pumps the music. It gives me satisfaction to see people nod their heads and move their bodies with my rhythm...”. Jacelyn is an active performer in the local scene. Notable venues she has performed in include Shanghai Dolly, The Men’s Room, 2MM TalentHub and Unplugged@Dempsey. She is currently playing at Shuffle Bistro Bar, 555 Villa Thai, Starker Bistro Bar and does performances for weddings and corporate events.