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Over the years, The TENG Ensemble has consistently lived up to its public reputation as being an exciting, moving and enigmatic group. They have been widely featured in the press and media, ranging from newspapers and magazines to radio and television.


值得一提的是,特别嘉宾新加坡驻马最高专员威努哥巴拉和夫人加燕蒂在鼟乐团呈现最后一首乐曲童谣《小白船》后,即场起立鼓掌致意,全场观众随之也站立鼓掌,掌声响起长达1分钟,还要求安可。 (Translation: The Singapore’s High Commissioner to Malaysia Mr Menon and his wife gave a standing ovation immediately after the last piece. The audience stood up too, requesting for an encore while applauding for nearly a minute.)
Sin Chew Daily, Malaysia
鼟乐团是新加坡乐团,日前首次受邀到马进行小型演出,惊艷四座。(Translation: Hailing from Singapore, The TENG Ensemble’s debut performance in Malaysia impressed the audience.)
Oriental Daily, Malaysia
My all time favorite ensemble. 休息時間很多朋友跟我說,他們好喜歡TENG. 謝謝我請樂團過來大馬。Teng 的演出將整個TEDx年會帶上另一個高潮。 (Translation: A lot of my friends told me during the intermission that they really liked TENG and thanked me for inviting them over to Malaysia. TENG’s performance pushed the TEDx event to a climax.)
Jessie Ng, Curator of TEDxPetaling Street
[The TENG Ensemble] injects new elements into traditional culture and created something uniquely Singapore.
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (National Day Rally 2015)
新加坡过江龙 (Translation: An impressive Singaporean group)
蘋果日報 Apple Daily, Hong Kong
為樂迷帶來全新中西融和音樂體驗 (Translation: Bringing music lovers a refreshing East-West musical experience)
Hong Kong Economic Times
融合古典及現代音樂奏出優美旋律,满溢悠揚樂韻 (Translation: The TENG Ensemble uses both traditional and modern elements, producing beautiful melodies that are brimming with musicality.)
Sing Pao, Hong Kong
音樂作品絢麗輕快呦從滿韻味,令人耳目一新 (Translation: Their pieces are lively and yet full of flavour, giving the listener a brand new perspective)
Tai Kung Pao, Hong Kong
。。。让人不知如何归类,却又似乎扣住了听者心里的某个地方,想继续听下去。 (Translation: While one cannot pinpoint the exact genre of the ensemble’s music, it stirs the heart of the listener, making them yearn for more.)
联合早报 Lianhe Zaobao, Singapore
The ensemble's sense of adventure has led them to incorporate sounds from daily life into their music – often in enigmatic ways.
The Straits Times Life!, Singapore
There were two very well-received encores […] which sparked a wild rush to buy The Teng Ensemble’s debut CD recording—a fitting souvenir of an entertaining evening of music making.
The Straits Times Life!, Singapore
…gave the enthusiastic audience much to cheer about.
The Straits Times Life!, Singapore


Our videos bring our cause to a global audience. From covers to originals, we aim to document our work for future generations, while at the same time offer viewers a visual interpretation of our music.

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