As a non-profit arts company, our focus is on creating art and presenting it to the world. Oftentimes, we are limited by our resources and operation costs. By supporting us with cash donations, in-kind sponsorships and platforms, you will help further our cause to create cutting edge Singaporean work and to nurture a new generation of Singaporean musicians. We strive to make every donation and sponsorship count, and to build a long-term partnership with you.

The Teng Ensemble Ltd. is an Institution of a Public Character (Current IPC period: 01/12/17 to 30/11/18).

The TENG Company is currently supported by Temasek and is a recipient of the National Arts Council's Seed Grant for the period from 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2018.

Sponsors, Donors & Supporters

Gold - S$200,000 and above

Water - S$10,000 and above

Fire - S$3,000 and above

Earth - S$500 and above